Connor Robertson is passionate about online networking. He established a Facebook Networking Group. Ever wondered if this is good for you?

The short answer is, YES! Here is why:

  1. Product Launches or Special Projects – Connect with like-minded Small business people and share your Product Launches or Special Projects.
  2. Mentoring – By joining the group, you will benefit hugely from the collective years of experience from small business owners.
  3. Workshop Hangouts – Every now and then, the opportunity arise for one of the members to host an online workshop. Join the group and you could benefit, too.
  4. Sharing Social Media Love – Building a Business Page with loads of engagement, means you need Social Media Ambassadors to share the love. What better platform than a group of small business owners, working together to share each other’s businesses.
  5. Business Networking – Whether you need support, assistance, coaching or finding new clients, you will benefit from our networking group.

Now that you know the obvious benefits, please join our group here